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Coach Michael of DIYECS Health and many other North Carolina residents are working in unison as part of the North Carolina Psychedelic Policy Coalition.

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Who is the NCPPC?

Welcome to the North Carolina Psychedelic Policy Coalition! We are a diverse group of dedicated individuals working together to support policies that promote research and responsible expanded access to psychedelic medicines in our state. We believe that by joining forces, we can help shape the future of psychedelic policy not just in North Carolina, but nationwide.

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The Need for Psychedelic Medicines in North Carolina

Our state is grappling with worsening mental health, increasing chronic pain, and escalating rates of overdose and suicide. Conventional treatments aren't providing relief for many North Carolinians. Emerging research from renowned universities is revealing that psychedelic substances like psilocybin and MDMA can be life-changing and life-saving when other treatments fail.

Bipartisan Support for Psychedelic Policy

In an era of hyper-partisan conflicts, expanding research on psychedelic-assisted therapies is a rare issue that unites Republicans and Democrats. Recognized as "Breakthrough Therapies" by the FDA, these treatments offer new hope for groups disproportionately impacted by trauma, such as veterans facing a tragic daily rate of at least 17 suicide deaths (CDC, 2022).

The Breakthrough Therapies Research and Advisory Act

This bipartisan bill, H.B. 727, sponsored by three Republicans: Sasser, Chesser, Goodwin, and one Democrat: Autry, will allocate $5.4M to support two breakthrough therapy studies in North Carolina, focusing on depression and PTSD. It will also establish an Advisory Board of experts to provide recommendations and report on the state's research studies.

You can help advance the research

Your generous donations will support our grassroots advocacy efforts to change laws in North Carolina impacting psychedelic medicines. Please consider becoming a recurring donor to provide ongoing support for our vital work.

There is hope

Personal Stories of Triumph

Read the inspiring stories of people whose lives have been transformed by psychedelic medicines, and learn why they're advocating for expanded access and research.

Jonathan Lubecky

A retired NC National Guard Army sergeant whose life was saved by MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD.

Laura Camilo

A bilingual social worker and Co-Founder of Cohoba, a BIPOC-led non-profit, community therapy center in Charlotte.

Ken Maxwell

An Asheville resident who found relief from debilitating cluster headaches with low doses of psilocybin.

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Students for Sensible Drug Policy

The North Carolina Psychedelic Policy Coalition is a project of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. For inquiries or to get in touch, please contact us: ncpsychedelicpolicy@gmail.com

Jeremy Sharp and Gina Giorgio are policy leaders working with the Students for Sensible Drug Use.

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